With elections coming up I’m more worried for the future of our planet now than I’ve ever been before. Climate change has been on my mind almost daily. A couple of months ago I saw a book in the store that I still haven’t gone back to get called “The End of Night.” A line in the preface stood out to me. It read, “Eight out of ten Americans born today won’t ever live where they can see the Milky Way.” Growing up in Colorado this hasn’t really ever been something I’ve thought about. When I looked up from my parent’s house growing up, the stars were always there. Bright and shining.

As the world becomes more densely populated we begin to lose sight of the things we take for grated. Light pollution hides the stars. Oil pipelines break and spill into the rivers. The sounds of nature are lost to the roaring of trucks on the highways.

Climate change is more than just the warming of Earth. These things are all climate change and they can be prevented. This year, when you go to the polls think beyond your own ideals. Think beyond republican, democrat, or independent. Think about what (AND WHO) will truly impact your future (AND HOW) and vote for what you believe in across the board: nationally, at the state level, and locally. Get to know the politicians at these levels and what they believe in. It’s okay to vote across these artificial political lines if you vote for what you believe in.

For me, this year will be the year I ignore red and blue. Instead I will #VoteOurPlanet.