Hi! I'm Sean. I'm a marketing technologist, weekend warrior, trail runner, storyteller, and life-long learner with a deep love for the earth.

I grew up in Colorado surrounded by mountains and as far back as I can remember my parents encouraged me to get dirty. Whether I was flipping over rocks to find roly-polies in the damp dirt, scraping my knees climbing rocks, laying with our dogs in the grass at night, or crafting wooden spears while wearing army hats, I was an outdoorsy kid. In the summers we'd go on family camping trips with the cousins and in the winter we'd head to Copper Mountain for laps. Sometime around 7th grade I got into rock climbing and it quickly became one of my favorite off-again-on-again sports.

Around the same time I started to get into climbing my family moved into the mountains just outside of Golden. This was a completely new world for me. Suddenly I had the ability to go for hikes whenever I wanted, right from my backyard. I didn't know it at the time but looking back this was when nature started to become even more deeply rooted in my core. If I had a rough day at school I'd get home and take off up the hill where I'd find my way onto a ledge overlooking the valley and I would just sit there–in solitude–clearing my mind reflecting until my stresses just vanished.

Fast forward a few years and I packed up my car and moved across country to start school at Full Sail University where I studied audio production for film and entertainment business. Even though I was 1,500 miles away from the Rocky Mountains I still managed to continue climbing at the local rock gym.

After graduation I moved back to Colorado for a few years where I rediscovered my love biking. I blew my first few “real paychecks” on a shiny Specialized Stumpjumper in 2011 and spent a couple of summers getting “good” at riding. Like most responsible adults I continued to blow what little money I had and eventually bought a Canon EOS 6D kicking off my love for adventure photography. Climbing continued to be my back burner sport.

In December of 2013 I once again packed up my life into the same car that took me to Florida for school and moved to Austin, Texas for work. Moving from Colorado to Texas had proven to be one of the biggest lifestyle challenges for me. Biking, climbing, and hiking all still had special places in my heart and I was fortunate to be able to continue them but for the most part I had to trade in the isolated mind-clearing hikes up mountains for long hot runs through the greenbelt and early morning laps on the paddle board.

In 2018 I reached a point where I started to feel like the world around me was being torn away. Every time I turned on the news there was another story of a national monument or protected space being threatened by big oil. It was sickening. I wanted to make sure these places that were special to me would live on for future generations, for my nephews and eventually for the "wild child" kids I hope to raise. So I decided I wanted to share more stories about the benefits of stepping away from social media, politics, and fake news. I started writing more and went on to restart this site dedicating it to everything that happens while exploring the things that bring balance to my life: climbing, trail running, photography, nature, conservation, and the random stories I'm passionate about.

I hope you’ll follow along.

Todo List

  • Go to Nepal
  • See a polar bear in the wild
  • See the Northern Lights
  • Go on an Arctic “cruise”
  • Eat street food in Kyoto Japan
  • Visit Costa Rica
  • Learn to surf…
  • …then surf in the winter
  • Visit Iceland
  • Explore a German Christmas market
  • Visit Greenland
  • Go camping in the snow
  • Spend a New Year’s eve around a camp fire
  • Spend a night in a fire watch tower
  • Go on a multi-night solo camping trip
  • Stand on the edge of an active volcano
  • Kayak through Gates of the Arctic
  • Stand on a glacier
  • Go bouldering on a beach in the Pacific Northwest
  • Tube abandoned Hawaiian plantation canals
  • Go to Antarctica
  • Climb a redwood tree
  • Take a train from Chicago to Seattle
  • Go camping without a tent
  • Chill in a natural hot spring
  • Go on a multi-day sea kayaking trip
  • Get dive certified
  • Raft the Grand Canyon
  • Learn to lead climb
  • Visit ~almost~ all of the National Parks in The United States
  • Make a habit of meditation
  • Learn how to fly fish
  • Month-long road trip through the southwest
  • Cliff-swing in Moab
  • Give skydiving a go
  • Mammoth Lakes (CA) Hot Springs
  • Moab Under Canvas
  • Go ice diving under a glacier
  • Multi-night paddle boarding trip in Lake Powell
  • Skiing in Japan
  • Japanese Ramen Safari
  • Own a cabin or condo near/on a ski resort
  • Get my Wilderness First Responder certification — keep it
  • Start a charity to help get kids with traumatic disabilities outdoors
  • Commit to training to be outdoors
  • Be a great husband…
  • …and father
  • Donate time to special olympics / paralympic games
  • Go to the winter olympics
  • Paint more
  • Go on a meditation retreat